Virtuous Leadership

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that once a person is in a committed leadership position, the idea of transferring that power to an adversary, let alone a faithful disciple, is not pleasant. Yet we witness such peaceful transferences of power in America at every level of government. For centuries with rare exceptions, rulers have chosen to die before giving up power. What makes America so different?

It started with the example of a virtuous leader—George Washington. He had every opportunity to take advantage of this new republic and become its king. They offered the chance on a silver platter! Yet he refused on principle and it has influenced America’s leaders every generation since.

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Your Love is All Around

Yesterday, a friend asked me, “why are you always happy?” The song lyrics, “everywhere I look, your love is all around,” came immediately to mind. I can be genuinely happy when I focus on how much I have to be grateful for.

Sometimes, I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of nature or the thoughtfulness of a friend and it brings a smile to my face. Sometimes, I have to search for a silver lining around an otherwise dark cloud, but the confidence that God’s love permeates every situation allows me to be genuinely joyful.

I hope that this talent God has given me will bring joy to the sorrowful and lift the spirits of the despairing. Life does dish out a lot of lemons, to some more than others, but joy is sometimes sweetest when life is sour.

Tapestry of Grace

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a struggle. Some seem more grand or dramatic than another’s, but all are important, unique, and inspiring.

When you first look at a person, a natural prejudiced forms based on how they talk, what they wear, or the circumstances in which you meet. Often, your hasty judgement gives an incomplete assessment of someone’s character.

Over the first few weeks of leadership class, I got to hear a but of the stories of each of my class-mates. I realized that many of my assumptions were incorrect. Their stories helped me interpret their actions and opinions shared in class. I listen to them now with their stories in mind.

Many of them had a significant life struggle that they shared, but they also included how they made it through and the people or activities that helped them. Every story ended up being inspirational because you could clearly see God at work, shaping them into who they are now. Everything happens for a reason as God weaves our lives into a tapestry of grace.


To dive deeper into the topic of story, watch this captivating TED Talk on the Danger of a Single Story:

Comprehending the Incomprehensible

“He dwells (all of Him dwells) within the seed of the smallest flower and is not cramped: Deep Heaven is inside Him who is inside the seed and does not distend Him. Blessed be He!”  -C.S. Lewis, Perelandra

I spent a weekend, once, at a Christian astronomy conference learning about the stars, galaxies, and supernovas that sparkle in our night sky. I learned how small Earth is in this infinite universe and how puny I was on this grand planet. My mind was stretched, trying to comprehend the vastness of space. Larger and larger objects were introduced, first compared to the Earth, then the sun, then our solar system, then our galaxy… Soon, earth was no longer even a pixel on the screen.

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Search Me, Lord

“You have searched me, Lord, and you know me… Before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely.”    ~Psalm 139

     The idea of God’s omnipotence on a personal level as intimate as is described in the verse above is…scary at first. I run on the assumption that my affairs are my own–that my best and worst thoughts are known only to me. Perhaps I share a bit of vulnerability with close friends, but I present my best side to the public.

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