Change Poem

Goodbye Mother, Goodbye Father!
Off I head to be a world changer!
With all you’ve taught me here I go
Christ’s love and light everywhere I’ll sow.

Transfer year, joining clubs galore.
No time for roommates, I’m out the door.
I’m perfectly angelic, purposefully naïve.
I know I’m ‘better-than’ whatever they believe.

You are right, you’re always right
Don’t listen to the world – put up a fight.
You taught me to love who God loves
But in word only, not like He does.

Third week away and I’m locked out
Crying on the doorstep, no one about.
I want to go home! I feel the tug.
There God saw me and sent me a hug.

The need to serve is strong,
But when it’s driven by pride, is it wrong?
“God, take me and use me for your will.
But not for anything hard, just let me sit still!”

I know I’m right, I’m always right.
Ignore the world; keep my bubble tight.
It’s comfortable here, no doubt.
Those who disagree don’t know what they’re about.

New friendships form through time
I assume opinions are same as mine
“Whoever would believe that pack of lies??
Oh, you do. I apologize.”

Dear parents you taught me
To love those around me
Ignore those below me.
You’ve set me up for glory,
Raised in a fairy-tale story.
But no longer can I be satisfied
By society so starkly stratified.
On those around, and those below
True love of God I ought equally show.

Junior year, new challenges to face
Learning so much in this life race.
My new roommates, they’re the best.
Each day with them I count as blessed.

The differences between each of us
Grows, stretches, and confuses us.
As we work through our disparities,
We work to put each care at ease.

“Your Gramma taught you that approach?
My momma would for sure reproach.
She is right, she’s always right.”
That bug of pride again would bite.

“Now friend,” dear roomie calmly states,
“Don’t be a know-it-all everyone hates.
Not everyone performs the same
Else life would be quite tediously lame.”

“Variety is the spice of life.
In thought, in perspective, in dealing with strife.
Your way may seem right in your own eyes,
But God makes an orchestra, so let’s harmonize!”

My outlook would change day after day
I learned to love differences, that change was okay.
Mom, your ideas are great and you’ve taught me a lot,
But come meet these people. Hear the stories they’ve got!

God is right, he’s always right.
He has already won this fight.
God loves His people despite our sin
Following this example is how we’ll win.

Dear parents, you taught me
To love those around me.
But since then I’ve realized
It was really myself I prized.
I played the good girl for so long
I never stepped back to see I was wrong.
No one is perfect, no not one.
But each one is loved by God and His Son.
I’ve changed ‘cause I know He’s already won.



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