Do What’s Right

“Right decisions are right – whether they are popular or not.”


Reading Awaken the Leader Within by Bill Perkins made it three times I’d heard this admonishment this week. The first time was during a discussion about integrity. Someone brought up the point that integrity often means going the way you know is right even when society or your peers all go the other way.

The second time happened while I was reading about C.S. Lewis and an excerpt from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe was highlighted. It was the scene when Aslan met with Lucy while everyone else was asleep and told her to follow Him even if they would not. “Go and wake the others and tell them to follow. If they will not, then you at least must follow me alone.”

I realized that in order to follow this advice, someone first has to know what is right or how to see and follow God’s lead. By investing in a relationship with God, we learn to recognize His voice. By listening to Him and reading His word, we can define our purpose, which will shape our decisions.





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