Tapestry of Grace

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a struggle. Some seem more grand or dramatic than another’s, but all are important, unique, and inspiring.

When you first look at a person, a natural prejudiced forms based on how they talk, what they wear, or the circumstances in which you meet. Often, your hasty judgement gives an incomplete assessment of someone’s character.

Over the first few weeks of leadership class, I got to hear a but of the stories of each of my class-mates. I realized that many of my assumptions were incorrect. Their stories helped me interpret their actions and opinions shared in class. I listen to them now with their stories in mind.

Many of them had a significant life struggle that they shared, but they also included how they made it through and the people or activities that helped them. Every story ended up being inspirational because you could clearly see God at work, shaping them into who they are now. Everything happens for a reason as God weaves our lives into a tapestry of grace.


To dive deeper into the topic of story, watch this captivating TED Talk on the Danger of a Single Story:


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