About Foundations of Leadership

This class was my introduction to the Leadership Minor. At this point, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through with the entire minor, but I had space in my schedule and it sounded interesting. I was introduced to the philosophy of leadership of this program by Ann Youssef, a graduate of the minor and professor for this class.

Our first assignment was a reflection on the events and the people who had influenced our lives up to that point. My Leadership Development Timeline was the presentation I shared in class. I valued this assignment because it gave me a chance to reflect on my story and share it with others. As I mentioned in my post, Tapestry of Grace it was an honor to hear others’ stories and learn what experiences have formed their personalities and perspectives.

My Foundations of Leadership class, Spring 2016, with Ann Youssef

Another assignment that we worked on was a Whole Person Development plan according to the Holistic Formation model, when we set twelve goals for our personal improvement over the course of the semester. During our check-ins half-way through the semester and at the end, we measured our progress and reviewed action plans that could keep us on track.

In my Generations Of Leadership paper, I analyzed how the reciprocal leadership model connected with a pop culture team dynamic. My team of choice: The Avengers.

In this class, I learned effective interpersonal and group leadership methods and studied the Christian implications of leadership based on Christ’s example (course syllabus, 2016). It was the first step in the development of my personal leadership philosophy.


Our book list for this class was as follows:
Exploring Leadership: For College Students Who Want to Make a Difference by Susan Komives, N. Lucas, & T. R. McMahon (2013) 3rd Edition
Awaken the Leader Within by Bill Perkins (2002)



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